Cabo San Lucas!

May 1, 2011

A couple of weeks ago Sarah and I jet setted to sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a much needed relaxing vacation.  Cabo San Lucas is part of Los Cabos which is located at the very tip of the baja peninsula.  See map below.

Los Cabos, Mexico

We spent six amazing days on the beach, made some new friends, including Canadian guidos, spent some quality time together and took tons of spectacular photos.  This is how our vacation unfolded……….

On the first day we arrived we got to our resort in the early afternoon, stopped by the room to settle in, put our bathing suits on, grabbed a beer from our in room wet bar…..

All the liquor, beer, soda and water we desired!

…..and spent the rest of the day drinking near the pool, eating, and then doing some more drinking.  It was the perfect start to our trip.

Since we stayed up late the night before we decided to sleep in the second day.  I feel at this point I should mention the fact that Sarah and I had read extensive reviews on trip advisor prior to selecting the resort that we stayed at.  We had read that the hallways were pretty loud at night with slamming doors and what not and we had also read that the beds were not very comfortable.  So in order to prep for the best nights sleep, we packed our pillows from home as well as a sound machine, which drowned out any noise we could have heard.  The beds weren’t that hard, but we slept like babies most nights!  Once we finally woke we grabbed some breakfast and with clouds in the sky we decided to head to the spa, which was right across from our building, to soak in the hot tub and relax in the steam room and sauna.

Hot tub at the Spa

Since it was going to be cloudy all day we thought we would head into the town of Cabo San Lucas and check out the Marina we have heard so much about from friends.  We decided to take the “bus” into town, which was a tricked out school bus that cost about 80 cents per person.  We hopped off the bus and stumbled upon a quint little shop where an old man hand made tons of different flavors of popsicles.  We each grabbed one and were on our way to the marina.  We strolled around the marina, got hassled by lots of locals selling anything and everything, and checked out the mall.

The Marina

Once we had our fill at the marina we decided to take a water taxi back to our resort.  The water tax cost about $6 per person and was a very cool way to get around, also very interesting to attempt to get in and out of once you were at the resort.  Once back at the hotel we grabbed some dinner and called it an early night.

Since we went to bed pretty early  we decided to get up bright and early to watch the sunrise over the ocean, it turned out to be a bit cold and cloudy but still so so beautiful.

Sunrise on the beach

After the sun rose and a few horseback riders strolled by we were off to breakfast.  We spent most of the day down by the ocean and in the water until it was time to go on our sunset dinner cruise.  We headed back to the marina and boarded our Catamaran.  We headed out towards the arches, mai thai’s in hand, and saw some amazing sites!

The arches

The arches with the sun setting in the background

Sailboat at sunset

Sarah and I managed to get some good ones of us as well.

Sarah & I with the arhces in the background

After the sunset cruise we pulled back into the marina and decided to stay in Cabo San Lucas for the evening and check out a few hot spots.  While trying to find Cabo Wabo, we were strolling down a tiny street and stumbled upon Slim’s, the worlds smallest bar, and we just HAD to go in.  There was seating for about 4 people and they only served tequila, about 50 kinds, corona and dos equis.


While at Slim’s we ran into a young couple we had met on our sunset cruise and ended up hanging with them for the remainder of the evening.

Alex, Danielle, and myself and Slim's

We hit up a couple of other spots, socialized with some locals, one in particular an American biker by the name of Turtle who now lives in Cabo full time and apparently works for the American Government, hmmmm?   I also stumbled to a taco place at about 1 am and had some of the most amazing chicken tacos, for dirt cheap, that I had ever eaten.  Then we hopped in a cab, walked into the “club” at our resort, was horrified by how ridiculous it was, and turned right around and headed back to our room to catch some shut eye.

Saturday was a fairly lazy day, slept in, ate, and sunned on the beach.  The most amazing part of Cabo, in my opinion is Lover’s Beach, which is a beach you must take a water taxi to, out near the arches.  Sarah and I decided Saturday was the perfect day to do so, so we hopped in the water taxi, much more graceful this time, and headed that way.  It was about $20 per person for round trip and was soooooo worth it.  Out at Lover’s Beach you can walk to the Pacific Ocean side and also the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja Peninsula.  The water was very rough on the Pacific Ocean side and signs are posted everywhere about not swimming, however lots of people were swimming in the Sea of Cortez side so we decided to join them.  It was so beautiful with the water being crystal clear blue, we could see our feet at the bottom.

Lover's Beach

After we had our fill of swimming we headed back to the resort and had a low key evening.  Sarah and I enjoyed lots of re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians in our room.

Sunday we had a low key day, sunning and swimming in the ocean, then we decided to head to San Jose del Cabo.  We had heard lots of great things about San Jose and wanted to check it out for ourselves.  We took a city bus to San Jose and got off at a MEGA store, which was basically a mexican wal-mart, it was crazy.  Right near the MEGA store was a Starbucks, the first familiar thing we had seen on the trip, so we decided to get some iced coffees.  As we waited for our drinks a local asked me what we had ordered, very interested/confused about what iced coffee was.

With our coffee in hand we took a walk into the town plaza where all the shops and restaurants were.  As we were walking we noticed that the town seemed pretty quite and we quickly realized that it was Palm Sunday, so lots of places were closed.  None the less it was a very cool experience.  Aside from Lover’s Beach it was my favorite part of our trip.  San Jose has a very old world feel with tiny streets and cute shops everywhere.

Tiny Streets of San Jose

Once of Sarah’s friends had recommended a restaurant called Mi Casa, so we walked with fingers crossed, hoping that it was open and lucky for us it was.  We walked in and immediately fell in love with the place.  The decor was to die for.  It was the most perfect cute place for us to enjoy a truly authentic mexican meal.  We ordered so much food, had amazing mango margaritas and ate and much as we possibly could.

The cute decor of Mi Casa

Since we were so full we decided to meander thru the city before heading back to the resort.  As we were strolling around, the church in the plaza was just letting out, so we got to mingle amongst the locals, which was a very cool experience.  We checked out some neat spots where we would like to stay in the future, snapped some more photos and decided to head back to our resort just as the sun had set.

Super Cute Inn in San Jose

Photo Op!

The next day it was time to head home.  We had to leave our resort by 9:30 am to make our noon flight, so we didn’t have much time to do anything on the last morning.  We checked out, grabbed breakfast and were headed to the airport in no time at all.

All in all, the trip was amazing.  It gave Sarah and I some time to just relax and enjoy each others company, which was so much fun.  It went by way to fast, but I am already planning out our next trip in my head.  I highly recommend checking out Los Cabos if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! The pictures from your dinner cruise look truly spectacular…almost like a painting! I’m waaaaay super jealous. Looks like a good place to vacation and relax…I’ll have to add it to my list…

    Can’t wait to read more!

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