This weekend my three favorites from Des Moines came to visit!  Here is a quick recap of our crazy, non-stop, awesome weekend!

Friday we hiked St. Mary’s Glacier…….

This way to the Glacier!

On our way up to the Glacier

The Glacier

Friday night we went to Brandi Carlile & Ray Lamontagne at Red Rocks.

Tailgating before the show!

Saturday we went to the highlands street fair during the day and went out for a friends birthday that night.

Sunday was pride.  We woke early, ate an amazing beakfast at Racines and headed to the pride parade around 9:30am.  We spent the entire day at the parade, civic center park, and multiple bars, arriving back at home around 10 pm.  Here are some photos of the day!

My pals and I at the parade

Old friends & new friends!


All in all it was an awesome pre-birthday weekend.  I wish my friends didn’t live so far away, but I am lucky that they all come and visit me!  Miss you guys already!  Can’t wait to do it again soon!