August 24, 2011

This past Saturday, Sarah, my friends Erin and Cheryl and myself headed to Aspen to see Brandi Carlile perform at the Belly Up.

I knew it was going to be a great weekend, but it didn’t know how great!  I’m still on a high from it.

I hadn’t been to Aspen yet so I was excited for the drive, excited to see the town and the shops and everything Aspen had to offer.

This weekend was also the running of the Leadville trail 100, which if anyone has read Born To Run you will understand my reasonings/excitement for wanting to watch the race.  Considering the start time of the race was at 4am on Saturday there wasn’t a chance I was going to see any of it.  Cheryl was driving and had decided to take us up Independence Pass as our route to get to Aspen, and thank god she did.  The whole time I had thought we would be passing through Glenwood Springs, which meant we wouldn’t be passing through Leadville, but I was wrong.  As we rolled through Leadville there were people everywhere.  We passed the start/finish line, and even though there was no one there I was still so excited.  Little did I know that we were about to drive through a little town called Twin Lakes where there was an aid station, approximately 40 miles into the race.  There were runners and spectators out and about.  It was sooooo cool!

After passing through Twin Lakes we reached the continental divide along Independence Pass…….

Independence Pass!

Upon arrival in Aspen we had originally planned a hike, but quickly abandoned the idea after realizing we would have to take a 25 minute shuttle ride to the hike, pay for the shuttle and the hike and the fact that it was going to take up about 3-4 hours of our day, we opted out.  Instead we perused the Aspen farmers market which had all things local from food to clothing to bikes galore!

Re-Cycle Bikes, awesome!

After the farmers market we strolled through town, in and out of shops, restaurants, and the local brewery!  We were all set to head to the hotel to change before grabbing dinner and heading to the show when Sarah and I literally almost ran smack into Brandi Carlile!!!!  In shock we chatted to make sure it was who we thought it was.  A quick change of plans and we were sitting at a restaurant at the table right next to her.  Soon came intro’s, conversation and photos!  It was amazing!

Me and Brandi!

Once we finished our drinks we headed to the liquor store, where we saw her once more, then we headed to the hotel.  We showered and headed back to town to grab some dinner.  We ate at this cool place called Junk, which had roll up doors for a lot of open air seating!  We ate and drank to our hearts content and finished with a key lime pie celebratory engagement shot.


We headed to the Belly Up to pick up our tickets and realized we once again were walking behind Brandi, and now she was with the Twins who are in her band.  We followed them until they got on their tour bus!  It was so crazy to run into her so many times that day.

The Belly Up is a super small venue, so it didn’t really matter where you were in the place, you were pretty much 30 feet from the stage at all times.  This small of a venue gave the show a real intimate feel.  She played all the faves including some Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and finished with a classic, Hallelujah.  It was by far the best show of hers I have ever seen!

After the show, we headed back to the hotel, via free bus, which was great!  The next morning we grabbed breakfast and hit the road.

Sometimes I still can’t believe the things I am able to do on a weekend.  Living in Colorado has spoiled me!  I love it!

This weekend Sarah and I are headed to Steamboat Springs……until next time!