Last weekend, May 14, my very best friend/cousin/sister I never had, Kristin, got married……….finally!  Wednesday night I packed up and headed to Washington DC to help take care of any last minute issues and keep Kristin as relaxed as possible before the big day!  And this is how it went……….

Thursday, Kristin, myself, my aunt and uncle Bonnie and Jeff, my cousin Aaron, his wife Brooke and there three boys, took the train to the National Zoo.  It was quite crazy to try and keep track of three boys, you would think with six adults it was be a peice of cake, but man I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I must give props to those outnumbered parents out there, you are very brave to leave your house…..ever!  It was a lot of fun to catch up with some family members and enjoy the sun at the zoo, especially since it was free.

Pretty awesome family pic if I do say so myself!

Thursday night a few more family members arrived in town and a big group of us went out to dinner to Wildfire, my favorite steak house!  It was sort of a mini family reunion, in Virgina, so it was pretty cool, only wish my parents could have been there.

Friday, Kristin and I ran some last minute errands, got our nails done and then got ready for the rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal was quick and we all headed to the groom’s (Paul) parents house for a bbq!  Paul’s dad smoked brisket and pulled pork, which Jeff had provided all the way from Iowa!  The bbq was beautiful.  Outdoor tents, lanterns, lots of food and great company.  Paul’s parents did such a great job with everything, it was great!

After the bbq I ran to the airport, picked Sarah up and headed to bed.  Saturday morning was going to come quick, especially since I didn’t get much sleep over the course of this trip.

First thing Saturday morning all the bridal party was to get hair and make up done in a suite at the hotel where the reception was at, which was also where most everyone was staying through out the trip.  It was tons of fun to get all dolled up but was very chaotic.  Trying to coordinate and make eight girls plus two mothers ready was a bit stressful, but it all worked out perfectly.

Kristin getting her hair done before the wedding!

We arrived at the wedding, survived the ceremony.  I say that because we all were a little confused at the rehearsal and Father Horgan was kind of hard to understand.  Being it was a catholic wedding we all just crossed our fingers that everything would work out right.

After the ceremony a few pictures were taken at the church and the wedding party loaded into a party bus headed towards DC to take more pictures.

The wedding party on the bus!

We ended up taking pictures in the most beautiful spot, right in front of a fountain with the capital in the background.  The photographer sent Kristin a couple teasers and below is a great one of the newly wed Mr & Mrs. Paul Milotte.

The bride and groom looking fabulous!

Then came the reception.  We arrived at the hotel and waited to be announced.  Since everyone else was having a cocktail hour we had to hide out in a separate room until all the guests were seated.  Some good pictures were taken while we hid out!

Probably my fave pic of the night!

Kristin with her mom, dad and bro!

Katie getting warmed up for the dance party!

As the guest got seated we lined up for introductions and got our first glimpse of how beautiful the reception looked.  I was totally blown away.

The beautiful flowers right outside the reception hall.

We all got seated, food was served and speeches were quickly approaching!  Yikes!  I had been nervous about this speech for at least 3 weeks, constantly thinking about what I would say, how could I possibly get up in front of 100+ people and speak!  Not my strong suit.  But I guess when you accept the title of maid of honor it sort of comes with the territory.  I had been dragging my feet.  I knew roughly what I wanted to say, but would get so nervous thinking about it, all I wanted to do was stop thinking about it.  I had written some notes down and sort of typed something up but just wasn’t 100% satisfied with what I had down.  I had planned to work on it on the plane on my way to the wedding, but of course we had terrible turbulence and I could hardly type without feeling sick.  So I thought, ok, I can work on it in my down time prior to everyone arriving and what not, well that plan didn’t work either.  So here I was, day of wedding, minutes before speaking, downing a shot to calm the nerves.  I’m not very good at expressing emotions and I really don’t like to cry, especially in front of anyone, but this speech, there was no way around either.  Kristin really is the best friend I have ever have, we have been through so much together, there was no way I wasn’t going to get all emotional.  So I got up, gave my speech, cried through the entire thing, but then, it was over!  I think it went pretty well and I felt a wave of relief once I handed that mic back to the dj.  Now it was time to relax and party.  And that’s exactly what we did.

The bride and grooms first dance! So cute!

Kristin and I breaking in down!

The night was awesome, Kristin was so radiant and so happy!  After the reception ended, a lot of us headed to a local bar, hung out till bar close, grabbed taco bell and said our goodnights!

The next morning we all headed to Kristins moms for brunch and gift opening.  Turns out everyone was in quite rough shape, so no gifts were opened, but plenty of brunch was eaten.

Aside from the delayed flight home, it was an amazing weekend with friends and family and I am so glad to have been able to share it all with Sarah.  It was perfect.  Thank you Kristin and Paul for inviting me to be a part of your perfect day, I truly feel honored to call you both my friends.  I love you both!  Congrats, I wish you both many many years of happiness!