I figured while I wait to board a plane to exciting Madison, Wisconsin, for work, I would quickly blog about my Memorial Day weekend.

There’s always a lot of pressure to figure out what to do for Memorial Day weekend, at least for me anyways.  You have a little free time off, you better do something worth while with it, that’s my opinion anyways.

Originally Sarah and I were planning on heading to Iowa to visit my friends, however since I had just gotten back from Miami, I figured I better not try to leave on Friday to head to Iowa, so I decided to cancel that trip.  Now what?  What would we do with our extended weekend?  Well we quickly decided to take a day trip to Sand Dunes National Park, the tallest dunes in North America.

Sand Dunes National Park is located outside Mocsa, Colorado, about four and a half hours South of Denver.

The drive is absolutely beautiful!

Driving down 285.

Once we arrived, we hit the trails, with a goal of hiking to the top of high dune, the second highest peak in the park.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful however it was super windy, which made it somewhat difficult to truly appreciate the beauty of it all.  It felt like we were being sandblasted almost the entire hike.  Round trip it took us about 2 hours. Below is a recap of our hike.

Entering the park.

Our goal...the top of the highest peak in this photo. The people looks like ants.

Beautiful landscape! Such different terrains all in one place!

My crew, Sarah, Jesse and Erin!

Once at the top of high dune, the sand just went on and on!

Erin and Jesse on our hike down, which was more of a run!

After we got down we were all pretty exhausted, not only from the 2 hour hike in sand but also all the sand whipping through the wind.  Since we were staying in Salida for the night we decided to hit Joyful Journey Hot Springs, which was on our way back to Salida.  It was so relaxing and much deserved.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs.

After the hot springs we headed back to Salida to grab a bite to eat, we were all starving.  We decided to hit up Amica’s, which is a wood fired pizza place and microbrewery.  We were totally pumped!

Yummy green chile ale from Amica's!

The food was great, the beer was great and the company was even better!  After dinner we took a stroll around Salida, grabbed some ice cream, and headed to our hotel.

Salida, a very cute little town.

Once we got to the hotel we were all wiped and asleep by 9pm!  It was great.  The trip back in the morning was just as beautiful the second time around!  The mountains never get old!

This weekend we are throwing a birthday bash for Sarah and next weekend we are heading to Taos for more birthday celebrations.  Look for an update soon!