Weekend Warrior!

August 1, 2011

Hello friends, I know it has been a while since my last post, things have been fairly un-eventful which has been completely relaxing and much-needed.  But I’m back!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as mid-winter, early spring rolls around I find myself yearning for summer, which leads to the creation of a long summer to do list.  Typically on the list are all the things that I didn’t get to do last summer as well as all the amazing things I did do last summer that I want to do again!

This past weekend I was able to cross two of my to-do’s off that long list.  One, hike a 14-er and two, ride in the New Belgium Urban Assault!  Both of which were fantastic and will most likely be on my to-do list again next summer.

Upon moving to Colorado I had heard a lot about hiking 14-ers.  What is a 14-er you might ask?  Well a 14-er is a mountain that has a peak reaching at least 14,000 feet in elevation.   There are 54 14-er’s in the state of Colorado, which is the most anywhere in North America.  Many people will train for months before doing something like this, I figured since I had been working out and since we picked one of the easier ones to hike, it would be a piece of cake.  In theory all would have worked out great had I not gotten sick the Thursday before the big weekend warrior weekend arrived.   In the end I probably shouldn’t have done any of the activities I had done that weekend, but I wasn’t about to pass up things I had been waiting so long to do.  So the weekend went a little something like this.

Friday I had a lovely date night with my boy Joey.  Joey is the little guy that Sarah nannies for, and I got to spend some time with him all by myself on Friday night.  Sarah was working for a different family and Joey ‘s parents had a date night planned, so he stayed with me!  He is such a great kid and so fun to be around.  We didn’t do too much but we did manage to get a dinner date in at Parisi, a little italian joint near my house.

Joey eating some imma cream!

Saturday I was up bright and early and on the road to hike Mt Bierstadt at 5:30 am!  We got to the trailhead around 7:00 am, and it was packed!  The ascent was difficult due to my sinus infection/head cold, but after a few hours of hiking, with many stops along the way and extremely patient co-workers, we made it to the top.  Hiking a 14-er is hard to describe, it is physically tough and at times you may want to turn around, but once you get to the top and see how far you have come, it really makes it all worth while!

The peak, it looks so close, but is still so far away!

At the top!

A beautiful lake along the way.

Our group at the top!

View at the top!

After hiking down, the pressure in my head was almost unbearable.  I got home around 2 o’clock and had to run to do packet pick up for the New Belgium Urban Assault ride with my partner.  I got home around 3 o’clock and spent the rest of the day in bed hoping to sleep off some of the sickness.

7 am rolled around pretty quickly!  I was up and out the door to pick up my awesome UAR partner Goya!  The Urban Assault Ride is put on by New Belgium Brewery and is held in multiple cities across the country every summer.  In short you bike to certain checkpoints all over the city, some you are told the location of and some are mystery check points you have to figure out the location of.  There are obstacles at most of the checkpoints and once you have hit all the checkpoints you get to hang out, listen to music and drink awesome New Belgium beer!


Team Highlands/Sorry, I forgot my team name....oops!

Goya and I initially had planned on taking it easy and just leisurely making our way around town, but once we got started we decided to try to get done as quickly as we could!  See map below for our planned route around town, roughly 20 miles.

uar map

First stop was Stoney’s Bar and Grill, we had to stack yoga blocks up like puzzle pieces to create the clif bar logo, oh yeah and we had to do it on a sledding saucer and raise it up over our heads!

Next stop was Sunken Garden Park where we had to do a slip’n’slide down a hill!  So fun!

Then we headed to the first mystery check point, The Gin Mill, which lead us to the second check point, Salvagettis Bike shop.  At this point we had completed all the downtown check points in under an hour and were headed up north to Aztlan pool.

Upon arriving at the pool we discovered the obstacle was to dive into the pool and fetch three different types of New Belgium Beer cans.  My lovely partner took one for the team and dove in!  One thing to point out, all obstacles had to be completed with helmets on, can you imagine diving into a pool with a bike helmet on, not easy!  After the beers were collected, we were on our way again.

Goya drenched!

Next stop, Wheatridge Cyclery and the Wheatridge Middle School, upon arrival, we realized this stop was going to kill our timing.  We stood in line for the two obstacles at this location for almost 20 minutes!  The first obstacle was riding adult big wheels around a course!  This was so fun yet so dangerous, there were no brakes and people flying everywhere!  The second obstacle was a three-legged race climbing over things and through hula hoops!  Completed that one and were off again!

We had two more stops before we would be drinking yummy cold ones.  We headed to The Village of Edgewater to play flag football with both of us on a BMX bike.  Goya doing the driving and I doing the riding on the handlebars grabbing the flags.  The last obstacle was at Hallack Park where we had to lauch shoes in sling shots and catch them in grocery bags!  With all nine checkpoints completed we headed back downtown to cross the finish line.  We finished in 2 hours and 22 minutes which wasn’t too bad!

We grabbed some food, drank some beers and called it a day.  It was mid 90 degree weather and I still wasn’t feeling too hot.  Even though I was sick it still was a blast and plan to do this as many years as I can.


To my peeps in Des Moines, check out the website, they are coming to Des Moines on August 28th and I highly recommend it!


Sorry I don’t have too many pictures of UAR, but we were too busy trying to win!  🙂

All in all it was an awesome weekend!  August is about to pick up as well.  I have plans to visit Aspen for a concert, Steamboat Springs to sleep in a train caboose and soak in hot springs and a trip to Clear Lake for Labor Day weekend!  I can’t wait.  I’ll keep you posted!   Until next time!