She said YES!

August 23, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011!  I surprised the girl who it is impossible to surprise!

It all started with a little picnic we had planned.  She wanted to make me a couple of surprise foods for the picnic and I too had a couple of surprises of my own.

While Sarah was making my surprises I was out running errands and grabbing a few things last minute things for the picnic.

All surprises in hand we headed to Rocky Mountain Lake Park which was only a few blocks from our house.  Sarah surprised me with chicken strips and pasta salad, a few occasional vices of mine!  YUM!  And I surprised her with sushi!  We ate and chatted for a while until I pulled out my next surprise…….scrabble.  Knowing she loves to play scrabble I knew she would be up for a game on our picnic.  While she was setting up the board, I was pulling out the ring.  Here is how it went……..

Marry Me???

She was so excited/overwhelmed she immediately closed the scrabble board up and started to cry.  I recall her saying is this really happening right now?  After I assured her this WAS really happening right now and some composure was gained, she said yes and the ring was on her finger!

Phone calls to family members were made, red velvet cupcakes were eaten and toasts with glasses of raspberry lambic’s were made!

We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives, we couldn’t be happier.  Planning has started but nothing official has been determined, we will keep you all posted!

Thank you to everyone for all the warm wishes!